Machine Reconditioning & CNC Retrofitting

A Retrofitting includes all the characteristics of a recongitioninh and retrofit plus a redesign of the machine to enhance its capanbilities and improve its productivity using controllers like Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi. Engineering improvements that can be included in manufacturing include:

  • Extending axis travels
  • Increased spindle speeds
  • Adding tools changers or pallet shuttles
  • Converting conventional machines to Full CNC
  • Machine Reconditioning

    The best, most economical way to make some chines perform to their capacity is by reconditioning them,. Aging machines lead to increasing maintenance cost, unpredictable breakdowns and hence, a drop in performance. Insted of buying a new machine, reconditioning the old one provides almost original performance, is much faster and cost effective and existing manpower can be utilised. We undertake complete reconditioning of old machines of local and imported makes.

    Ther term, "RECONDITIONING' refers to a complete overhaul of a machine to its original mechanical are cleaned, inspected and rebuilt, and using either new or re-machined parts.

    Some oof the steps included in a REBUILD are :

  • Rebuilding all mechanical components including replacement off all bearing and seals.
  • Grinding of the hardened ways or replacement of linear guids
  • Ball screw repair or replacement.
  • Hydraulic and lube system rebuild including new valves and hoses.
  • Repair or replacemetn of way wipers and way covers.
  • Painting
  • Return of machine geometric alifnments as well as positioning accuracy to OEM

  • Specification :

    Our staff of experienced field service engineers will remove and install units, as well as provided most other repair services required. A reconditioning can save about two-thirds the cost of buying a new machine.

    Leveling & Alignmet

    Alignments are a crucial step in setting up a machine to cut accurate parts. Using precision levels, Granite squares, Straignt edges and laser calibration equipemts, Shubhline service engineers can provide cerfied documentation of machine condition and make the corrections required to hold tolerances. Various alignment tests and verfication include straightness, run-out, parallelism, squareness; bore alignment, shaft alignment, flatness measuring and more.

    Realigning your machine tool will drastically improve accuracy and reduce wast and sholud be a major part of a preventive maintenance contract, of which Shubline offers multiple levels.

    Hand Scrapping

    Productivity and quality decrease as your machine wears. If your machine is beginning to show signs of wear, shubline can disassemble it, scrap all of the wear, shubhline can disassemble it, scrape all of the bearing surfaces and restore your ability to cut good parts. This is not a statement to be taken lightly. Finding someone in a shop who can scrap critical surfaces has become next to impossible. In fact, hand scraping went the way of metal working apprenticeship programs, where hand scraping was always the introductory handshake between fuuuuture craftsnmen and the metal of their craft. downtime and the cost of future repairs.

    Yet, at Shubhline, we place a high value on what others might consider arcane. Or, as an alternative solution, we can machine the original castings and provide replaceable were strips dramatically reduce downtime and the cost of future repairs.